Workshop Presentations

Stress Management for Successful Living

Weaknesses in your body interfere with your basic ability to cope with everyday stress. Learn what you can do to strengthen your body and protect yourself, so that you can function optimally in the stressful world we live in.

Safety and Prevention: Back School

This workshop provides valuable instruction on safer ways to protect your back at home, on the go and on the job. Learn how to minimize your risk of injury and live a healthier life.

Finding the Fountain of Youth

Learn how to achieve optimal vitality, adding years to your life, and life to your years, by going back to the basics!

Raising a Healthier, Drug Free Family

We discuss natural means and healthy habits that will create a nurturing family environment. Learn how to keep your family functioning at its peak by building a strong immune system through chiropractic care and avoiding years of prescription drugs.

Combating Arthritis, the Natural Way

Learn about living well with Arthritis. Arthritis does not have to signal an end to the activities you enjoy. From exercises, lifestyle changes and chiropractic care, discover strategies for improving your physical and mental well being while.

How to Reach Your Peak Performance

Whether you are a top athlete, a committed gym member or new to working out, this workshop will show you how to help enhance your athletic performance.  Keep yourself in the game and prevent minor injuries from becoming major ones without the use of drugs or surgery. Can’t we all benefit from better recovery time, better coordination and strength and optimal productivity? You will leave feeling energized and inspired!

Backpack Safety Workshop

Did you know that improper backpack use can negatively impact your child’s health and posture? See why it is important to have your child’s spine checked in order to maintain their overall well-being.  Also, learn safety tips such as how to appropriately pack your child’s backpack to avoid injury.

Additionally, Dr. Kobbe can meet with your program coordinator to discuss the specific needs of your group and create a customized presentation accordingly.