We value our patients' experience at Larkfield Wellness Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Michelle Kobbe
Your East Northport Chiropractor

  • "“Before Chiropractic my health status was not great. I was experiencing several unexplainable issues at the time. After seeing many specialists and receiving no answers I was beginning to loose hope, and wanted to give up on doctors. I was ready to just deal with the pain in whatever ways to make me feel better; Tylenol for the knee and back pain, Tums as candy for the stomach, and weekly B-12 shots for the unexplained deficiency. My perspective on the health profession was low and my view on healing was even lower, until my first visit with Dr. Kobbe. She made me feel so comfortable, I knew nothing about Chiropractic care and she explained everything the whole way through. I have been seeing Dr. Kobbe for over two years now and I am hooked! I swear by Chiropractic now! , but turn to the wonders of an adjustment. My body feels so free and open after my time with Dr. Kobbe. She is so passionate about what she does and she shows it in every little detail!""
    Krysta A. (22 y/o Accountant)
  • "Before Chiropractic care I had a lot of headaches. Doctors told me I had migraines, but through out the years my neurologist realized that migraines are not an everyday thing. After three years of treating me with different medications and so many side effects, he told me “Ms. S your case is hopeless”. Then I was introduced to Dr. Kobbe. Since last year I’ve been coming to Dr. Kobbe for treatment and the muscles in the back of my head and close to my neck are not so tense and the pain is gone. The headaches occur much less, only once or twice a month. The back pain is being treated right and the pains are going away. In a way I can tell I am a much healthier person then I was with all of the medications I was using, which I am now off them totally thanks to Dr. Kobbe."
    Mahtaj S.
  • "Before Chiropractic care my recovery between workouts was long, up to three days. I was experiencing occasional back pain, and stiffness in my neck and joints. I also suffered from high stress levels, which did not help the rest of my issues. Since I have been under regular Chiropractic care my recovery time has shortened to one or two days, my stress level has reduced greatly, my joints and neck are much more limber, and no back pain whatsoever!"
    Hadi B. (19 y/o Bodybuilder)
  • "Before Chiropractic, I was constantly sick and I suffered with headaches daily. I was on antibiotics for over 4 months, but was not getting better. Since I have been under regular chiropractic care, my health has increased, I rarely get sick and I barely have headaches. I haven't been on antibiotics for almost 1 year! I feel much better and chiropractic care has helped me in my overall health"
    Amanda C, (16 Year Old Student)
  • "“Before Chiropractic my general health was good, but I was very stiff through my neck and shoulders. It was painful for me to turn my head over my shoulder to back up in the car or check for clearance before changing lanes on the highway. Since I have been under regular Chiropractic care, I am now telling my friends I feel like I am an owl!! I can turn my head over each shoulder painlessly. I feel much safer driving and feel, all around, much more flexible. I am thoroughly enjoying my association with Dr. Michelle. Her enthusiasm for healthy living and setting a good example are so helpful in reinforcing my non desires to make healthy habits."
    Joyce G.
  • "“Before Chiropractic I suffered from major sinus headaches and sinusitis. I had subluxations in my cervical, thoracic and lower lumbar regions of my spine. I felt that chiropractic care was unnecessary. I never made the connection between healthy spine and healthy body and mind. Since I have been under regular chiropractic care these past eight months, my sinus problems are practically non-existent. I also have a healthier out look on life; I do believe that keeping your spine healthy ultimately keeps your physical as well as your emotional state healthy and strong. I have not experienced any “colds” or “flu’s” this past fall/ winter season. I am extremely happy with my progress under Dr. Kobbe’s care.”"
    Michelle L.
  • "I brought my extremely colicky, one month old baby into Dr. Kobbe hoping an adjustment would
    calm her. After a few appointments, I began to see a difference… Naps that lasted more than five minutes, her constant furrowed brow turned into smiles and the crying faded away. I fully recommend Dr. Kobbe’s healing hands!"
    Susanne W.